• My Story

    Having a father who believes and loves Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have always been exposed to the healing powers of herbs. I did not know the power of acupuncture until 2003. I was very sick due to Grave's Disease then. Always cling to TCM, I went to see Dr. Shao Jie Zhang, an acupuncturist doctor who was referred to me by a friend. Ultimately, I was healed by this powerful modality. More importantly, I came to see what a wonderful treasure it is to be able to treat so many ailments with just needles. It quickly became clear to me that my passion is to help people regain health by using this wonderful medicine.

    My Mission

    In our society, most people trust their health in doctors’ hand. However, mainstream doctors are disease-oriented. They treat people when they get sick, and the treatment often involves prescribed drugs with many side effects. Sometimes, the side effects are bigger problems than their original conditions. Our bodies have amazing self-repair abilities provided with the right condition. Many aliments can be treated without drugs. I want to offer a natural alternative to many who seek it.

    While I treat a wide range of conditions, my special passion is to help two groups of people. The first group is those who suffer anxiety & depression. Anxiety and Depression has become very common, even in children. Some of my loved ones also had this disorder. People with anxiety and depression may be physically healthy, but they can be quite paralyzed due to the emotional disorder/breakdown. They have no power or freedom to be who they can be and should be.

    The second group is people who struggle with weight. Nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the United States deal with the health and emotional effects of obesity every day. I’m passionate to help these two groups of people because the conditions are so alarmingly common and they are hitting the children too. It is my passion and mission to help these people regaining health and joy in their lives, in a natural way!

    My Credentials

    • Licensed acupuncturist in New York State, board certified by the NCCAOM 
    • Certified by the CCAOM in Clean Needle Technique.
    • Graduate of New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, M.S.
    • Intern acupuncturist at Gouverneur's Hospital, New York, where I treated post-stroke and post surgery patients. 
    • Apprenticeship with Dr. Shao Jie Zhang "张少杰" since 2004, a famous acupuncturist doctor from China, whose late father Dr. Shi Jie Zhang "张士杰" was a nationally renowned acupuncturist in China. Dr. Shi Jie Zhang was given a title Zhang Tai Xi “张太溪" due to his famous and unique manipulation of the acupuncture point Tai Xi. He revived the original way of traditional acupuncture.
      (For details visit : http://www.gerenjianli.com/Mingren/05/4n0ekcmlcao5l3m.html)